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About Podcast Revival

Podcast Revival is a collection of talks recorded at Revival Fellowship meetings around the World.

The Revival Fellowship is a group of Spirit-filled people who have had their lives changed through the power of God. We experience signs, wonders and miracles just like Jesus did 2000 years ago. We hold true to the Bible teachings, and the foundation of our church can be found in the book of Acts where the outpouring of God’s Spirit began the true Pentecost movement. To come and experience a Holy Ghost meeting for yourself visit and find your nearest location, or send an email to [email protected]

How to Listen:
There are a number of ways you can listen to our podcast the easiest being directly from our website. Otherwise, head to our Listen page and see all the available podcast platforms we support and don’t forget to subscribe, that way the latest episode will always be available for you to listen to. If you need to, search for “Podcast Revival” or “Revival Fellowship” in your preferred podcast app. If you can’t find us, please let us know.

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